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The Passing of an Icon: Steve Jobs 1955-2011

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 06 October 2011

Wednesday saw the passing of a visionary. However you might feel about Steve Jobs, there's no denying that he has changed our world.

Thank You, Steve Jobs. R.I.P.


My original plans for tonight (Wednesday night) was indeed to write about Apple, it was going to be my take from Tuesday's Apple announcements. So many people have been asking me about the announcements that Apple made at the event, I wanted to put down my thoughts here to share.

Before I had begun to write, the dreaded news came that Steve Jobs had passed away. He lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer less than a couple of months after stepping down as CEO at Apple and just one day after the first Apple product announcement with Tim Cook as the CEO. In light of the passing of Steve Jobs, writing about the Tuesday's announcements feels fairly insignificant. So I will hold off until another time. I am uncertain how to even to begin to write about Steve Jobs. I expressed these thoughts on Google+ on Wednesday night and I was encouraged to go forward and write about Jobs despite the flood of others doing the same now.

With that said, I think I may hold off for a bit. I will say he influenced me in countless areas and his legacy of Apple products have been and continue to be a part of almost every aspect of my life today. Even though he had been becoming increasingly ill as of late, knowing he was around, even in a limited capacity, had been reassuring.

That is all I will write for now. I will follow this up with more in-depth thoughts reflecting on his passing.

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