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FileMaker Comes to the iPhone/iPad

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 20 July 2010

After struggling to get FileMaker Pro databases to work on the Apple iPhone and iPad by importing them (against their will) into Bento and using the iOS versions of Bento on the said devices, there are now options available for using actual FileMaker Pro databases themselves. Yes, that is plural...

First, the 3rd party software FMTouch which is a universal app (for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad) has cut its price by two-thirds (now $9.99 as opposed to $29.99).

Secondly, FileMaker themselves have now entered the ring with their own app:

FileMaker unveils FileMaker Go app for iPhone, iPad | Macworld: "On Tuesday, FileMaker will roll out two mobile versions of its database application for iPhone and iPad users. And while you won’t be able to create databases on those devices with FileMaker Go, you will be able to work remotely with FileMaker Pro databases on your mobile device, viewing, editing, and searching information from wherever you are."

(Via Philip Michaels,

It doesn't come without limitations or a price. FileMaker Go cannot create new databases, nor does it sync databases (but it allows you to copy them back to the desktop via iTunes). FileMaker Go is also not a universal app unfortunately like FMTouch. This means there are a separate version for the iPhone/iPod touch and another for the iPad. Each with its own price tag. $20 for the former, $40 for the latter. Which means, if you want it on both your iPhone and iPad, you are looking at $60 for that privilege.

I have to admit, FileMaker Go looks pretty sweet from the screenshots in the App Store. Still, although I have been using FileMaker Pro since… Hmm, I am not sure I can even remember what version number now. Perhaps version 2.x (I'm not sure), today my personal database needs are not as great as it once were. I may continue making do with Bento, especially after investing all that time making Bento usable for my iOS needs. It is good to know there are options though now. Too bad it took FMP three years after the launch of the Apple iPhone to finally come up with a mobile app (outside of Bento).

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