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Robert Greenwood Chosen to Receive a Free Autographed Book, The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 03 July 2010

We are happy to announced that Robert Greenwood is the first of two randomly chosen Podshock Supporting Subscribers to receive a free autographed copy of the new book, The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who.

As previously stated (see: The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who Book Give Away for Podshock Supporting Subscribers), we have two copies of this new book that studies the mythological influences on the long running science fiction series, Doctor Who which were autographed by contributing writers and editors, Anthony S Burdge, Jessica Burke, Kristine Larsen, and Melody Green at the book launch event in NYC at Fiddlesticks in May.

We are giving one copy away in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Gallifreyan Embassy and another for the 5th anniversary of Doctor Who: Podshock.

A randomly selected (using the randomizer at chosen current Podshock Supporting Subscriber was chosen for the first copy in June, and that person is Robert Greenwood. Congratulations, you will be receiving this autographed copy of the book free of charge. It is just one way we like to show our appreciation for our audience that supports what we do.

We will be randomly selecting another current supporting subscriber again for the second copy to give away this month in honor of celebrating five years of Doctor Who: Podshock. It could be you.

If you are not already a Podshock Supporting Subscriber, please consider becoming one. It is through your support that we can continue to produce and grow the show. 

We thank the publisher for donating the copies The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who to give away. The book is now available in fine book stores (available online now on Amazon US and Amazon UK). 

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