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Smile, You're On Ian Todd's Show!

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 21 October 2009

Ian ToddSeries 3 of the Ian Todd Untruths podcast is underway as of October 2009. I had the pleasure of being part of it in episode 3, the "Louis Trapani Special"

Ian throws out his standard fare of unusual questions at me and I supply some daft answers in this 9 minute episode. We cover ice cream inventions, Life on Mars, Ashes and Ashes, soda, aliens, and much more.

Ian Todd has interviewed everyone from David Cross, Toby Hadoke, to our own James Naughton (Doctor Who: Podshock and Hitchhiker's Guide to British Sci-Fi)

So if you got 9 minutes of your life to spare which you will never got back, check it out.

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Listen Now:

I must seek this out & listen to it ASAP! Sounds like a splendid opportunity to peer into the mind of Art Trap.

Louis Trapani... Special?


-E.A. Escamilla | |

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More like a scary opportunity to peer in the mind… or lack of one. 

I may not be in top form, but it was a very fun show to do and Ian is a delight.



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