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June 2010

Someone is showing alligators to children on the beach.

Testing the iPhone 4 camera. Partially zoomed in (approx 2x or 3x)

'The Pandorica Opens' is Reviewed in Doctor Who: Podshock 210

Doctor Who: Podshock 210

"Hello Sweetie."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 210
Running Time: 1:49:00

Doctor Who: 'The Pandorica Opens' reviewed live over the net with live and recorded feedback. (If you haven't seen The Pandorica Opens yet, wait until you have before listening).

Hosted by Louis Trapani, James Naughton and Dave Cooper.

How to Quit a Multitasking App in iOS 4

Multitasking has come to the iPhone, well it was there all along, but only for Apple apps, now with the release of iOS 4 any app can be developed to take advantage of it (if your iPhone supports multitasking).

This is great. Just double tap the home button to switch between running apps (and recent apps). After a day using iOS 4, I realized I did not how to quit an app that remains multitasking in the background. For example, an app that is geared for traveling has no real benefit running in the background while at home.

After poking around the net, I discovered you can quit an app by doing the following: Double tap the home button to bring up the multitasking tray or dock. Tap and hold the app you want to quit and remove from the tray.

Up and Running with iOS 4

Apple iOS 4 iPhone screenshot

On Monday, June 21, 2010 Apple released the latest iPhone OS, now named iOS 4. After a long upgrade process, things have been fairly smooth with the new OS.

iOS 4 offers many improvements and new features, but most notably for myself on the iPhone 3GS at this point is the addition of folders and multitasking.

The upgrade process varies for people. I assume this is due to just how much data they may have stored on their iPhones. I seen people on Twitter being able to upgrade their iPhone fairly quickly (within the half hour). I on the other hand, the process took much longer. I suspect because I have over 12,200 photos on it and what not. It had to backup the iPhone a couple of times, install and verify the iOS software. The iPhone itself had to update itself in which the last 2-3% of the process took forever and a day. So much so that I thought iTunes stalled out since it looked as if it stopped responding. I waited it out, and eventually it finished the process and re-synced.

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'The Lodger' is Reviewed in Doctor Who: Podshock 209

Doctor Who: Podshock 209

"D'you know, this is going to be easier than I expected."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 209
Running Time: 2:00:49

Doctor Who: 'The Lodger' reviewed live over the net with live and recorded feedback. (If you haven't seen The Lodger yet, wait until you have before listening).

Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, James Naughton and Ken Deep.

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