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Podshock Supporting Subscribers

Get Extra Content by Becoming a Podshock Supporting Subscriber!

Now you can support our podcast and at the same time get extra content made available for Supporting Subscribers

Doctor Who: Podshock 172 Extr EditionWhen you become a Supporting Subscriber, you will have access to special extra shows for Supporting Subscribers (episodes produced specifically for Supporting Subscribers and premium shows made available to Supporting Subscribers), discount offers, giveaways (we have given away Blu-Ray discs, books signed by the authors, etc.), and other special benefits.

Doctor Who: Podshock 193 Extra EditionDon't hesitate, become a Supporting Subscriber today. To celebrate this new exciting program, we are offering Supporting Subscriptions at a special introductory price of only $5 (US) a month. Not much more than the cost of large coffee at a speciality shop. It is only about half the price of a typical movie ticket. Not only will you be supporting our regular show, but we will gain access to extra content with your support.

iTunesYou will have your own special unique individualized feed for your extra content. This can be integrated right into iTunes (or use another podcasting client if like), just like our regular show feed. So you can be get your extra content in the same way you get our regular Podshock shows. You will also have access to the extra content via a special login site for Supporting Subscribers.

Planet of the Dead Blu-Ray Disc Given to a SupporterNo huge investment up front. Only for a simple small monthly Supporting Subscriber fee each month which you can cancel any time will make you feel better knowing you are supporting a show you love and help ensure it to continue and grow.


Some of the perks of being a Podshock Supporting Subscriber:

  • Helping Podshock continue and grow
  • Get Extra content (Extra Editions) regularly on your own personalized feed
  • A Supoorting Subscriber newsletter sent via email once a month
  • Automatically entered to be randomly selected to receive giveaway items (Blu-ray discs, signed books, etc.)
  • You will be bumped up in the queue during our live over the net shows
  • Special discounts (for events and other purchases)
  • Exclusive Invites (you may be invited to join us at an event perhaps with a DW cast or crew person)
  • And more, we are adding ways to thank our supporting subscribers all the time!


Transactions are completed securely online via PayPal (which accepts major credit cards).

NOTE: At this time there is an issue signing up using the Apple SAFARI browser. Until this issue is remedied, please use another browser to sign up otherwise you will receive an erroneous error message from PayPal. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Become a Podshock Supporting Subscriber today!

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